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Data Scientists Without Borders: Focus on Agricultural Cooperatives (FAC)

May 26, 2017


Session Time and Date

Friday, May 26th from 9am – 10am CDT


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Project Description:

  • The goal is to revitalize existing and establish new agricultural cooperatives in East and Southern Africa where small farms are prevalent. By allowing farmers to share capital and reduce input costs thereby increasing production and income.
  • This will be done by helping them organize data gathered by Hoopoe Group as well as developing useful strategies.

Organization Description:

The FAC initiative will work towards revitalization of existing and establishment of new agricultural cooperatives to address the problem of small farm inefficiencies in East and Southern Africa. Farm sizes of less than two hectares form 85% of all farms in the world (von Braun, 2008). On the whole, these small farms are not economically efficient because of relatively high input costs compared to profits. Small farmers in East and Southern Africa are unable to take advantage of economies of scale and often lack the financial resources such as credits and loans to make their farms profitable.

Click here if you would like to learn more about the organization behind this UN project.


May 26, 2017
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Tim is a chartered Management accountant with expertise in training and development. He is a director at the Agricultural Development Institute and a managing principle at Education and Development Training Institute of South Africa. Tim got exposed and engaged in the training and Development sector during his teenage years when he worked with his father who was a pioneer at the college’s business training program in Swaziland. Tim has had a deeper interest in training and development and has never looked back. With a passion for development Tim is also an established training facilitator and has worked in the sector for 15 years now. He is also a respected independent financial management and IT/IS business systems consultant. He specializes in strategy formulation for IT/IS, IT/IS risk management, and systems implementation. On the financial side he is a financial planning and budgeting guru that works to simplify things for non-financial managers. He has special skills in internal auditing and management accounting. Tim’s passion is with the youth and is concerned with issues of youth unemployment and development. This is why Tim is engaged in social activities using his skills and experiences in a way that can foster development from the grassroots to improve overall community wellbeing and sustainability by engaging in development initiatives that can benefit from his skills.
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