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We are building that largest data science network across the world that Data Scientists can use to connect with each other at a click of a button.  

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Data Scientists Without Borders

Our data scientists help organizations worldwide that are trying to transform the world for good and need our expertise to solve data problems.

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Predictive World - Online Conference May 22-26

Accomplished data scientists, wanting to change the world for good, will be providing training and best practices to help data scientists achieve greatness. 

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Data Science Recruiting Service

We are monitoring hundreds of thousands of data science jobs each day and trying to place data scientists in each of these jobs.  

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We are tackling some of the most challenging problems facing our world today.

Transform the world for good by volunteering as a Data Scientist.  We need volunteers to help lead or participate as team members on world transforming projects.  Work closely with non-profits and become a social entrepreneur who is trying to make a difference by using data.  

Over 16.1 million refuges requiring $1.9 billion in annual funding.


Helping Refuges Become Data Scientists

Worst drought in the last 50 years and over 36 million people facing starvation.

Help Save Lives of Starving Africans

Over 50% of African students do not graduate and 50% of those that do cannot find a job.

Helping Resolve Africa's Education Crisis

Over 300 million children live in places where outdoor pollution is toxic.

Helping Invent World Changing Products Faster

The Tunisian economy is in crisis the  government needs ways to save money and re-invest in its people.

Helping Overcome Economic Crisis

Over 57% of Bosnia & Herzegovina youth are unemployed and the youth's unemployment has been a cause of social turmoil and riots.

Helping Resolve Social Turmoil

An estimated 4 million cases of cholera are reported each year and up to  142,000 people die.

Helping Prevent A Cholera Outbreak

One in 11 people depend on travel and tourism.  Identifying the hot spots for opportunity and the financial return will help improve many lives.

Helping Improve 10 Million Lives

PREDICTIVE WORLD - Online Conference, May 22-26

Helping data scientists achieve greatness.

Accomplished data scientists wanting to change the world for good will be providing training to help other data scientists achieve greatness.  We have a full week of data science sessions for you to attend.  You do not have to travel.  Just login to your computer and attend.  Sessions will also be recorded.

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We Will BeTaught By Some Of The Best And Brightest

Presentations have been created that will help educate the entry level data scientists and will help stretch and sharpen the most experienced data scientists.

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Helping data scientists find jobs.

We are monitoring hundreds of thousands of data science jobs each day and trying to pace data scientists in each of these jobs.  Our algorithms help you identify the best jobs for your skills and for which jobs you have the competitive edge.  Therefore giving you the added assurance you are the right candidate.

Monitoring Over Two Hundred Thousand Data Science Jobs

Chief Data Scientist

Sr. Data Scientist

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Data Associate

Data Science Network Benefits

Humanitarian Causes

Most Extensive Number of Humanitarian Causes 

Learn More on May 8-12

Data Scientists Helping Make Our World A Better Place

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Data Science Awards

Data Science's Largest Awards Ceremony

Submit May 1-31

Honoring The Best Data Scientists of 2017

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Data Science Chapters

Most Extensive Network of Data Science Chapters

Global, Business, & University Chapters

Developing The Data Science Leaders of Tomorrow

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Predictive World

World's Largest Data Science Conference

Attend May 22-26

Bringing The Best And Brightest Data Experts Together

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Recruiting Services

Most Comprehensive Data Science Recruiting Service

Your Personal Recruiter

Helping data scientists make their next career move towards achieving their full potential.

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Career Assessment

Most Predictable and Comprehensive Career Assessment

Big Data Applied To Your Career

Take A Career Assessment That Will Help You Direct Your Data Science Career

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Research Conference

Global Data Science Research Conference

Attend September 25-29

Helping data scientists make their next career move towards achieving their full potential.

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Research Awards

Global Research Awards Ceremony

Submit October 16-20

Recognize Data Scientists For Their Research Contribution

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Data Science Network

Fastest Growing Network of Data Scientists

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