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Back to the Basics: Secure Design Principles

May 25, 2017


Session Time and Date

Thursday, May 25th from 10am – 11am CDT


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Presentation Description

A principle is a fundamental truth; a secure design principle is a principle upon which systems are built in order to be resilient against attack. Secure design principles are well established in the academic and research communities, yet many businesses have difficulty implementing these principles successfully, as is evidenced by the widespread, devastating security breaches that continue to plague businesses today. Proper implementation of secure design principles, taken in context with business objectives and constraints, significantly reduces vulnerability and mitigates risk. Presented by the elite organization of security researchers and consultants known for being first to hack a wide array of systems, ranging from the iPhone to all of the major wireless routers, this session will define the primary secure design principles, and through case study analysis, discuss scenarios where organizations have succeeded or failed in the pursuit of these principles. The session will articulate solutions to solve many of these security challenges, and do so in a way that is both effective and realistic in the real world business setting. Attendees will be left with a concrete understanding of the principles, paired with immediately actionable guidance for how to better lead their own organization to a more effective implementation of these concepts, thereby better defending against modern adversaries.

Goals & Presentation Perspective

The presentation will attempt to resonate with the audience by exploring issues from the perspective of business and technology leaders responsible for protecting valuable digital assets. We will utilize case studies to analyze the advantages and disadvantages of various decisions on the impact of system security. The goal is to provide valuable guidance to both IT executives who are fluent in the new digital era as well as to those who are struggling to adapt to the ferocious pace at which technology is changing.


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Ted Harrington drives thought leadership initiatives for Independent Security Evaluators, the elite organization of security researchers and consultants widely known for being the first company to hack the iPhone. Mr. Harrington was recently named Executive of the Year by the American Business Awards, an international body that receives thousands of nominations from around the world. He has also been named 40 Under 40, where he was both one of the youngest inductees in the class as well as the only honoree from the field of information security. He is one of the organizers of popular hacking concept IoT Village, as well as one of the organizers of SOHOpelessly Broken, the first ever router hacking contest at esteemed security conference DEF CON. Mr. Harrington holds several special appointments, including to the California Governor’s Cyber Security Task Force, University of Southern California, California State University at San Marcos, and several others. He holds a bachelor’s degree from Georgetown University.
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