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The agency that represents the best data scientists in the world.  This is how we fund our community.

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Increase Hiring Speed

Increase your hiring speed by 70%.  Instead of taking a month or more to hire a data scientists, we will provide you with potential hires in days.

Reduce Recruiting Costs

Save over $100,000 in recruiting fees, when hiring four or more data scientists.  We charge a nominal non-incremental fee to help your entire company recruit.

Increase Product Adoption

Why pay $20k - $100k to sponsor one conference, when you can get acess to over 10,000 data scientists and thousands of businesses throughout the whole year.

Reduce Research Costs

Significantly reduce your marketing expense and research costs by 20%+, by working with an agency who is well connected and knows your target persona.

Increase Product Sales

We can help you increase your sales by helping you schedule 1x1 meetings with 1,000's of companies who are interested in data science solutions.

By investing in Predictive Network you help us fund the number of data scientists who can help accelerate trans-formative change towards a better world.  Currently our community is working on helping over 200 United Nation's projects.

Broadest Representation of Data Scientists Across Many Roles

There are only a few data science communities. Predictive Network has the broadest representation across different data science positions. 

Chief Data Scientists
Sr. Data Scientist
Data Scientist
Data Analyst

Data Scientists Interested In Making a Career Move

A majority of our data scientists are looking to make a career move and are actively searching for the right opportunity.

Largest North American Community of Data Scientists

Predictive Network has been primarily based in the United States.  With community presence in majority of US states, while expanding internationally across all major countries.


Our Services

Skills Assessment

We provide a skills assessment report for each of your data scientists to help identify good candidates for internal hires that will reduce costs and help your culture, while providing your data scientists with career feedback.

Focus Group

Predictive Network will help you schedule a focus group with a customized group of data scientists who can help you solve business problems or can provide you go to market feedback in order to optimize your marketing spend and product features.  



Our recruiters and algorithms speed-up your hiring time by providing you with top qualified data scientists who have been custom sourced for your position.   Let our data scientists help you find quality data scientists.

Brand Awareness

Sponsor our events, chapters, causes, digital properties, and training sessions and get exposure to thousands of data scientists.  Get razor focused with your marketing efforts by investing in the fastest growing data science community.

Training & Events

Let us help you lower your training costs while investing in your data scientists. Your company will be able to attend and have access to Predictive Network events and content all year long, while getting discounts on specialized training.  

One-on-one Meetings

We can help you schedule one-on-one meetings with data scientists across 1,980 businesses that can provide you candid feedback on your products and services.  Let Predictive Networks facilitate warm introductions to community members.

Our primary goal is to help data scientists achieve greatness and help accelerate trans-formative change towards a better world.  Data Scientist's will always come first and their privacy and best interest will be at the forefront of our discussions.

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